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tokuladiespodcast's podcast

Feb 22, 2016

The Toku Ladies finally get to interview a Power Ranger, and we start off strong with one of our favorite Pink Rangers, Erin Cahill! Erin takes time out of her incredibly busy schedule to talk to the Toku Ladies about Time Force, Jen as the leader of her team, feminism, supporting women, her upcoming work, and her charity work. 

Talking with Erin was a fantastic time and a great honor, and the Toku Ladies had a great time asking her questions she’d never been asked before! Huge thank you to @karenjshih for helping us connect with her!


For more information on Erin’s charity project and how to donate, you can visit:


More info on Erin’s upcoming projects below…

“It Snows All the Time” -
“Cut to the Chase” -
“Angel From Hell” -

Edit: We're aware it recorded in mono. We usually record with audacity instead of skype recorder. There will (hopefully/maybe) be a different file later.