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December 2016
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The Toku Ladies (plus guest host MorbySA) interview Deborah Estelle Philips, aka Katie from Time Force!

Deborah talks about Movie Madness, race and the Power Rangers franchise, getting back into the con scene, and how Time Force Green could have been a girl.

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The Toku Ladies (plus special guest host TheSecondBatgirl's wife MorbySA) take on Power Morphicon! We talk about the new team, the things we bought, the panels we saw, and the rangers we met. Plus, Buddy the Cat makes an appearance.

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In a slightly (very) belated anniversary episode, the Toku Ladies do an AMA! We talk about everything from pizza to Ghostbusters, to which Power Ranger we'd like to be rescued by.

We apologize for the delay in getting this episode up, but TSB was busy getting married! Our next episode will be a Morphicon special, which should be out in September, and after that we should be back on a once a month schedule.

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The Toku Ladies return with new theme music! We do a roundup of current toku, give our opinions on the movie costumes, and we review Dairanger.

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In Mara's first episode as a cohost, we cover everything from why bees don't have boobs to hypersexualized lady villains, to the phallic imagery of many toku monsters. (And mecha.)

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In this episode, the Toku Ladies discuss the most recent MMPR movie news, and talk about the endings of some shows and beginnings of others. We also talk about other fandom things we're excited for, including Ghostbusters, Transformers, and Hamilton.


Sadly this is PunkPinkPower's last episode with the podcast, and we wish her the best of luck with her future fandom endeavors.

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The Toku Ladies finally get to interview a Power Ranger, and we start off strong with one of our favorite Pink Rangers, Erin Cahill! Erin takes time out of her incredibly busy schedule to talk to the Toku Ladies about Time Force, Jen as the leader of her team, feminism, supporting women, her upcoming work, and her charity work. 

Talking with Erin was a fantastic time and a great honor, and the Toku Ladies had a great time asking her questions she’d never been asked before! Huge thank you to @karenjshih for helping us connect with her!


For more information on Erin’s charity project and how to donate, you can visit:


More info on Erin’s upcoming projects below…

“It Snows All the Time” -
“Cut to the Chase” -
“Angel From Hell” -

Edit: We're aware it recorded in mono. We usually record with audacity instead of skype recorder. There will (hopefully/maybe) be a different file later.

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The Toku Ladies are back after a 4 month hiatus with new microphones and lots of Toku News to discuss. We talk about our favorite parts of Dino Charge, rage about the ending of Kamen Rider Drive, TerrierLee fills us in about how the TQG movie didn’t have enough Grita, and PunkPinkPower convinces the rest of the Toku Ladies to give Ninninger another shot.

In this extra long episode we also cover the trouble with Nerd on Nerd Bullying, and the misogyny behind the “Fake Geek Girl” meme. We’re back with tons of positivity, renewed passion for our shows and our fandom, and lots of new butt jokes.

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With special guest host UndiesofWondy, the Toku Ladies talk about Body Positivity; what it is, why it’s important, and how it’s related to the wonderful world of fandom through cosplay and representation.

Follow UndiesofWondy!


Editors Note: Sorry the audio is a little rough in this one. We’re getting new mics when we officially come back from hiatus, so bear with us in the meantime while it’s kinda touch and go! We appreciate you!

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In this Toku Transformer Ladies Interview we talk with Mairghread Scott, writer of The Transformers: Windblade comic and many other Transformers titles, in addition to the recent Boom!Studios Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers exclusive 6 issue comic released at SDCC this year.  We pick Mairghread’s brain about the Zords, who would win in a fight, the process of creating comics, women in comics and fandom, and her upcoming work. 

“Things like this are really important. Building a fan community… that listens and that tries to make the medium better is really how these brands survive.”

Make sure to check out Mairghread’s website ( and follower her on twitter @MairghreadScott!

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